Ragni Trotta

Ragni Trotta is a multilingual, marketing and media professional based in London, England. She has over 30 years of diverse experience, with a wealth of knowledge in the the hospitality and media industries. Her marketing career began at age 19, after a backpacking trip around the world left her in desperate need of money. She began taking odd jobs, including painting promotional billboards and developing marketing materials for Scandinavian real estate buyers.

After attending university, she began working in the media industry for CIA Medianetwork in London. As an International Business Executive, Ragni had her hands in a number of successful projects. One such project went on to earn a nomination at the 2000 M&M Global Advertising Awards.

Most recently, Ragni Trotta has been focused on Books4Kids Jamaica—a nonprofit founded in 2007 by her late husband. The organization provides educational packages to children aged 4-5 in Jamaican schools. To date, Ragni estimates they have helped over 85,000 children across more than 140 schools. The materials they provide include a backpack that is filled with a Brain Quest workbook, a reading book, and a pencil and journal.

In addition to her career and work for Books4Kids Jamaica, Ragni has remained passionate about health and wellness. An advocate for physical movement, she also stresses the importance of taking care of your heart, head and soul.

To learn more about Ragni and her insight into the world of marketing, community leadership, and health & wellness, be sure to visit her blog!

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