Global Marketing: Three Brands That Have Mastered Global Marketing

Regardless of a company’s size, a well-thought-out marketing strategy is a critical part of a business’s opportunity for success. In today’s tech-driven world, traditional marketing tactics have evolved substantially, and the ability to reach new audiences is easier than ever before. In fact, the internet has allowed even the smallest brands to reach global audiences and expand their business outside of their domestic region. Of course, merely having internet access and a few business accounts on social media doesn’t mean a brand will successfully launch into the global market. It’s the strategy behind these tools that leads companies like Coca-Cola and Dunkin Donuts to successfully launch their brands into international markets. Let’s take a look at a few brands with excellent global marketing strategies.

Dunkin Donuts 

Originally established in the United States, Dunkin Donuts is a brand that does global marketing right. Since its flagship store opened in 1950, the famous doughnut and coffee shop has expanded to approximately 12,000 stores across 45 countries. What is it that contributes to the brand’s global success?



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